Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl

Libby Sk8er Girl


What follows is kind-of like a list of comics, but instead of listing everything, it specifies which comics each of my friends appear in in. This way, if you just want to read all the comics with Siobhán (or maybe Guy Hunkmann!), you can!

NOTE: It counts as an appearance if the character is heard over the phone or off-panel, even though you don't SEE said character…

Libby Sk8er Girl

The main character…The Big Cheese…Our Hero for All Time!

For the sake of brevity, here is the list of comics in which I don't appear:

Anna Log

My hipster friend…Is she my best friend? How are we even friends? Nobody knows…What is known is that Anna insists on being rendered through analog means…No digital, save for the process of being scanned into the computer for distribution!!!

Colonel Bombshell

A woman of intrigue. All we think we know is that she's a colonel in some kind of military organization where uniforms are rather…skimpy. Colonel Bombshell probably puts it best herself when she says that she's "Some gamer bro's idea of an EMPOWERED WOMAN!!!"

Take from that what you will…

Chase the Sn0 Bro

Chase is my cousin…He snowboards and does this weird thing where he wears long-sleeve shirts with shorts…He's a dork.

Siobhán the Shirtless

Siobhán rides a scooter, has some pet birds, and is just generally a nice person to hang out with.

Oh, and she never wears shirts or anything else on top…except for various pasties with fun designs!

Guy Hunkmann

He's super fuckin' hot! Not much character development, though…I keep telling Brian that Guy should show up more.

Sherry de Hex

Sherry's a witch from another dimension. I hate her sister (we're feuding), but Sherry's pretty chill and can show up whenever she wants!

Penny Silvergold

The resident entrepreneur! She needs to show-up more.


My dog. She's a Dalmatian, and she's the best thing in the universe. (She's even better than my skateboard…or myself!)

Séamus the Shameless

Siobhán's twin brother…He has nice freckles! >.<