Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex

Issue #39: “Ryder”

Issue 39, Page 1
Issue 39, Page 2
Issue 39, Page 3

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
November 24, 2021

Part 13 of Story 4: Golems and Galas

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Brandy’s Witch Watch Updates!

'Sup, Brandy Dorks!?

Good ol' Brandy…Always using magic to solve problems that other people created with magic! But wait, aren't there two more issues to this story, you ask? Why yes! Yes, there are! There is still more story to tell for some reason, and then maybe (just maybe) you'll get to read some new stories soon after that. (Maybe even some that are less reliant on deus ex magica!)

Oh, are you wondering why Brandy's Witch Watch sounds so much snarkier this week? Well, Babes (I hope it's okay if I call you babes), you're all in for a little treat, because this note has been taken over by me, LIBBY SK8ER GIRL!!!!

Why have I taken over this…blog(?), you ask? Well, it's simple, really: Today, both this comic and my comic, Libby Sk8er Girl, are tied at 39 issues/episodes/chunks of comic! As a result, I decided to hijack this space to talk about how wonderful I am. For instance: I have a comic EVERY WEEK, and I reached 39 issues in 39 weeks. This [w]itch, on the other hand, has taken over THREE YEARS to reach that milestone. What does that tell you? Sure, I only get one black & white line drawing with random, snarky dialogue written in each week, while a Brandy de Hex issue is always at least two pages, with multiple panels and full color, but regularity is more important than quality, in my opinion. For proof, see my comic this week. (Not a whole lot of quality going on there…) Also, we're not going to talk about the 72 issues of Polarnoids that currently exist.

Now, to be fair, I suppose you are reading this on a page devoted to Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress, so maybe you actually enjoy this and don't appreciate a random sk8er girl coming in from another part of the website to dunk on something you really genuinely enjoy. And I suppose the past few issues have been pretty good, what with Brandy rocking that bare midriff and all…So, if you like this comic, great! If you are curious about what I am like (and this intrusion hasn't already turned you off to it), then you're best bet is probably to go read my comic. (Note that I linked to my comic earlier, so I haven't been linking to it every time I mention it again.) Also, if you're interested at all, there is now a Brandy de Hex Collection over at Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe. Granted, there are only two designs as of writing this, and one of them has been there for ages, but the collection exists nonetheless, and there might be more in the future!

Okay, I bet you're sick of me now. Brian will be back for the Witch Watch Update next time. (And if you're confused, I'm a fictional character Brian created. However, I can break the fourth wall, which is something I especially like to do in the "Scribb1es" that I "write" underneath my comics…Aren't you glad the Polarnoids don't do this kind of stuff?)

Oh, also, isn't Ryder cool? She's got orange soles on her combat boots!

L8er Sk8ers!