Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex

Issue #38: “Vapid Belles”

Issue 38, Page 1
Issue 38, Page 2

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
November 10, 2021

Part 12 of Story 4: Golems and Galas

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Brandy’s Witch Watch Updates!

Hey there, Brandy Fans!

Thanks for reading! Just three more issues left of this story, and then it will be time for something new and different! If you're wondering, the form that will take is that there will be a special, 6-page one-off story before there is a brief break while I put together the next major story arc. Hopefully, that new arc will be ready by early-to-mid-January at the latest, but we'll have to see. When that happens, each individual "issue" will be more pages of story, and issues will release regularly for that story until there's another break between arcs.

I know that isn't as fun to read as a continuous, nonstop stream of comics, but a single page of Brandy de Hex takes MUCH longer for me to make than pages of Libby Sk8er Girl or Polarnoids, since there's a lot more writing and drawing, plus coloring and lettering. This plan will hopefully allow Brandy to be released regularly, with the breaks happening between stories, rather than in the middle of one. The only trick will be actually getting the stories done!

But don't worry about all of that for now! The real question is who those black and orange combat boots belong to…and why would someone with that taste in footwear be attending a debutante ball??? (More importantly, what sort of an idiot holds a debutante ball on Halloween? Mrs. Gilmont is such a nitwit!) These are important questions to consider as we wait for the next exciting issue of Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress (a rip-roaring 3-pager)!!! Forget all that nonsense about breaks happening over a month from now…You have to imagine what will happen next so you can tune in on November 24 to read what happens next!

(And, in the meantime, you can check out Ye Olde Starry Knight Shoppe, where new designs for Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress, Libby Sk8er Girl, and Polarnoids will be releasing over the course of the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, for perhaps you'll find some things you just can't live without!)

Be seeing you!