Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex

Issue #34: “Confounding Costumes”

Issue 34, Page 1
Issue 34, Page 2
Issue 34, Page 3

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
October 23, 2020

Part 8 of Story 4: Golems and Galas

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Brandy’s Witch Watch Updates!

Hey there, Brandy Fans!

Which of Brandy's costumes was your favorite? Personally, I really like the last one. It's simple and Brandy's…normally proportioned. All of this means that it's easier for me to draw, and it's less of a distraction. Plus, I have a Padmé Generic Space Senator action figure that I can use for reference to get the details right. That actually makes me think…Wouldn't it be cool if there were Brandy de Hex action figures? I admit that I am biased, both as the creator and a fan of action figures, but I think that would be really cool. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it's really a fiscally prudent move for Starry Knight Toys to start production on that just yet. Maybe one day, though!

Anyway…it's getting colder now, so hopefully I won't be spending as much time painting a house and doing other things (like putting together a portfolio) that keep me from drawing new pages of Brandy. That means more witchy comics for you to read, and maybe even some other stuff. We'll just have to see! Until then, thanks for reading, and remember to be kind and rewind!

Be seeing you,