Brandy de Hex: Certified Sorceress

Brandy de Hex

Brandy de Hex

Issue #32: “Skintight Chainmail”

Issue 32, Page 1
Issue 32, Page 2

Created by Brian T. Sullivan
August 5, 2020

Part 6 of Story 4: Golems and Galas

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Brandy’s Witch Watch Updates!

Hey there, Brandy Fans!

Sorry for the lack of an update with last issue. For whatever reason, all the things I've been up to were swimming in my head, and I couldn't get myself to organize it into something worth reading. Not this time! I have elected to write this update on my Smith-Corona Super Sterling typewriter (before copying it into the wonderful world of HTML for your eyes to enjoy), and so far I feel I have a lot to write!

As you may have noticed Polar Bear and Penguin's absence from your electric screens last Friday, I just want to reassure you that there will be a new issue of Polarnoids THIS Friday. Before you lament the loss of our polar friends, however, please know that they will continue. Moving forward, new Polarnoids comics will be released every other Friday, the same week as new issues of Brandy de Hex. I have another exciting series cooking that will take over for non-Polar Fridays. Hopefully, by doing this I'll be able to keep my interest in everything I do and deliver a pleasant variety of stories and entertainment for anyone who happens upon this little corner of the Universe. Or, people will find it tedious and frustrating. Either way, I'm going to try it, so that I don't get burnt-out from doing too much of any one thing.

Similar to this currently-secret project (which is still a few weeks out, I think), I'm going to finally try making new B Things videos again! Whereas the Secret Project will be out on Fridays, alternating with Polarnoids new B Things videos will alternate with Brandy de Hex comics for a Wednesday release. Also, unlike the Secret Project, I think I'll have a new video up next week, so be sure to check YouTube for that!

Granted, all of this is a lot of talk, and it probably makes some of you reading wonder if it will really happen. Well, the easy thing to say is that it will, but actually doing it will be a lot harder. That is why I'm going to stop saying for this week and get back to trying to be true to my word. If you've read through this entire letter, congratulations on your endurance! As always, I appreciate knowing people read and enjoy what I make, and while I'm not much of one for social media, feel free to send fan letters to, and maybe I'll start a letter column-type thing, like what print comics sometimes have. You can also follow me on Instagram (my only social media) @bthingsart and at the shiny, new Starry Knight Instagram, @starryknightstudios! Of course, none of this is required, so don't feel pressured or obligated, but it'd be neat if you did.

Thanks for existing!

Be seeing you,

P.S. Oh, did you notice that I've designed a new Brandy de Hex logo? What do you think of it?